Das Logo von dr.knusper, der neuen Marke für vernünftige Genießer.

The new brand, for wise savors

Our dr.knusper team aims combing naturalness and functional food. Unlike usual protein products we refrain from unsing artificial flavours at all. Instead you’ll get real taste from real chocolate and pure hazelnut-pulp.

Dr.knusper protein snacks are backed in our own waffle backery in Berlin according to highest quality standards. That’s why we stick to IFS Version 6.

Moreover we carfully choose ingredients. Therefore we strictly handle milk protein from excusive choosen experienced german supplyers (Made in Germany).

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Das Logo von dr.knusper, der neuen Marke für vernünftige Genießer.


  • without artificial flavours
  • withour flavour enhancers
  • without artificial sweeteners

protein meets real taste

The tasty confluence of milk protein and waffel with whole-grain flour for more enduring power!

Palm oil with limits!

We are conscoiusly using palm oil, because we have the considered opinion of palm oil having nutritionally advantages compared to potential alternatives. Whereas we was just trying to minimize its utilization in our reciepts, beacause we want to reduce the ecological effects of its worldwide increasing consumption.

Nutritionally perceptions

Milk protein is suitable for the demand of even the most ambitious sportsmen and woman, because milk protein contains WHEY protein as well as casein. Moreover our protein snacks contain the low in allergens collagen hydrolysate as structural protein in the extracellular space.

production due to highest quality standards

We use exclusively high-quality resources produced by established and certified manufacturers. All of our products are fabricated completly in Germany under Intenational Food Standard (IFS) Version 6.

Just the better Wafer

Compared to traditional filled wafers Dr. Knusper Protein Snacks are drastically reduced in sugars and fat. Therefore you can enjoy dr.knusper without any regret as a small crispfun in between.